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Arco Iris America

Welcome to Arco Iris America Foundation website

Productive Units

Arts and Crafts shop

The handycrafts shop is one of the best places for job training and first labor practices for adolescents and young adults belonging to different project of the Foundation. Emphasis is taken in developing high skills and dexterity that are needed for young girls in knitting, sewing, etc.

This shop covers 2 lines of production. One dedicated to hand looming of table clothes, short capes, etc. and the other to the manufacturing of wallets, hand bags, table closes, etc. made of “aguayo”, a typical colorful fabric from the Andean region.

Carpentry Shop

This shop has highly qualified personnel and modern tools, offering excellent quality products according to clients designs and requirements.

There are 6 full time teachers and 6 apprentices that also assist to evening carpentry classes at other professional teaching institutes.


The Arco Iris bakery, with a presence of more than 10 years in the market, it constitutes a small business with high recognition in the city of La Paz. Most of the production is daily distributed directly to restaurants and the rest is sold through three foundation owned stores.

The products of the Arco Iris bakery are elaborated mainly in base of traditional German recipes without chemical additives and complying with high quality standards.

Introduction to Productive Units

One of the main challenges of the Arco Iris (Rainbow) Foundation is to implement the processes that strive to reach a solid independence for the beneficiaries of the different projects. In this aspect, the Foundation doesn’t have the idea of a permanent or continuous long term assistance.

To achieve this goal, the Arco Iris Foundation has created several productive units where teenagers, with the monitoring of qualified personnel and instructors, get a skill training and learn to work with responsibility, punctuality and honesty. These units are: A bakery, a wood carpentry, a handcraft shop, fabrication of clothes including weaving cloth, cosmetology learning center and a coffeehouse – restaurant.


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