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Home for Boys

Home for Boys

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The Home for Boys is a stable home with a capacity of 80 individuals between children and adolescents. It is one of the principal projects of the Arco Iris America.

Short after the creation of the foundation in 1994, Father Jose thought it was essential, besides the girls’ home, to create a home for boys. The principal reason was because the girls who arrived at the Obrajes House in many occasions have small brothers that could not be sheltered at the girls’ home. By that time, the work done by Father Jose with homeless children, needed a shelter for boys willing to leave life in the streets, where their living was based on robbery, drugs and alcohol.

To fulfill this necessity, Father Jose was able to find a house, known until 2005 as the House of the Worker and Student Adolescent. This house, with previous capacity of 20 boys, was able to shelter 40 boys. The house had no recreational areas intended for sports nor gardens.

Despite the infrastructure limitations, the House had developed a succesful methodology, based in the emotional stability and community life for the boys, where everybody goes to school and when they reach the age of 16, they are trained in some labor skill. The oldest boys work as interns depending on their technical level.

At the beginning of 2005, one of the most expected dreams of Father Jose, the Foundation, and the boys was accomplished. Thanks to the work and effort of Father Jose, the project got a new building with a site of about 5000 m2, a capacity of 80 boys, sport areas, gardens, etc.

Since the second semester of 2005, the population of the project has grown consistently. Moreover, the project has started different activities on behalf of needed adolescents and youths who live in the same neighborhood (Villa Copacabana).

Because of all these improvements the project was renamed HOPE HOUSE.

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