¿How was your life like before coming to “Casa Esperanza”?
Juan: Before my life was bad. He did not have many resources like food to eat. I lived in the Yungas with my Mom, my older brother and my uncles. I haven’t met my dad. I had problems with my mom and my brother. That is why the advocacy has brought me to La Paz.

How long have you been at “Casa Esperanza”?
Juan: I come in the home when I was 6 years old. Before, I lived in the “Casa de Paso” and was there for a year and a half. I am living in “Casa Esperanza” for 9 years now.


children and adolescents between 5 to 18 yrs. benefited


professionals and volunteers


years serving the most needy

“Casa Esperanza” is a project that works day by day with the formula of love and responsible commitment.  That formula is applied to the children and adolescents in our care so that together we can positively transform lives. We are a tool for this transformation of our beneficiaries who, despite having gone through great difficulties, maintain hope for a promising future.

The children and adolescents who come to “Casa Esperanza” are victims. Victims of physical and psychological violence, abandonment, economic disparities, political-social negligence, and despite this they are more than these negative labels. We see beyond the social stigma of their circumstances, we see in each of them a living testimony of perseverance, and a life-long lesson to show that nothing is lost.

At “Casa Esperanza” we care for and ensure the well-being of each child and adolescent, not only covering all their basic needs of food, education, and health and well-being, but also the critical care and work of psychological well-being. We patiently and tactfully treat the emotional wounds that left their mark on every child. Every single one of them deserves to be accepted for who they are and where they are in their journey of life. Our premise is that each person and their story is unique and through their individuality we practice tenderness and conscientiousness.

“Casa Esperanza” helps each child to face the extremely important challenges we all endure in life. We help them to focus on achieving autonomy, ergo: personal management which includes an independent economic life and all the varying education levels so that they can find a future profession/vocation, passion, and mission for their life. These are our challenges that requires energetic and effective evaluation from each professional who works with us in order to create an action plan for these children.

Our work at “Casa Esperanza” has the vital support of the Arco Iris Foundation. The entire work team is constituted of the professionals and tutors in our area, and we are thankful to this external support. We understand that having a servants heart is a task that only works when we all work together.

Change the world with us

“Casa Esperanza” helps each child to face the extremely important challenges we all endure in life.