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Over the course of a few years, I had the honor to experience firsthand, the inspirational example set by our very own, Morayma Bak. Through her actions and kindness, I was taught that I too, could help the kids of my own country. I had the privilege to learn how to give to others and not expect anything back while working alongside her. For the past couple of years, I have tried to assist Morayma with as much as I could to support the foundation.

Having seen firsthand the life that many kids in Bolivia have, although being far away, has driven me to do everything I can to support them. Getting the chance to speak with the current “madrinas” years ago and offering them insight on what we do in the foundation, I was able to get them on board. They identified with the kids of the country and offered out a helping hand. Not only do I have immense admiration for Moryama and the “madrinas”, but also for Father José. He built this foundation to give new opportunities to those struggling in a country that was not even his own. Through the love and grace that God has given me, I have been given an opportunity to help others have a better life. I am fortunate for all I have and will continue to give back to the kids of Bolivia.


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