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Morayma Bak became part of the Arco Iris America Board of Directors in 2011, and its President in 2013. She has been instrumental in facilitating the presence and establishment of Hope Worldwide in Bolivia, who now work very closely and alongside Hospital Arco Iris in La Paz, Bolivia. She has led a group of volunteers in the Washington D.C. area in several fund raising efforts and events since 2011, totaling over $200,000 that have gone directly to support the Fundación Arco Iris in La Paz, Bolivia.

Morayma takes pride in representing the Board and volunteers, all of whom donate their time and talent without any monetary compensation. Morayma continues to work closely with officers and leaders of Fundación Arco Iris in La Paz, as well as its founder and President, Fr. Josef Neuenhofer.


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